MEET KEVIN BERREY Face of Kevin Berrey

Kevin Berrey is a multi-faceted artist rooted in the traditions of stand-up comedy and theater. He contains multitudes. Just look at the extra vowel in his last name — clearly a symbol of abundance. His talents are further illustrated by the following collage:

Face of Kevin Berrey

Yes, he's a stand-up comedian. But as you might imagine there's a lot of heat on this guy in film, television, and new media circles. So if you want to know what all the hubbub is about, pick a show from his calendar right now and see him live while you still can.

Don't want to look at his calendar? Fine. Did I mention he's also a filmmaker? If you insist on sitting there, picking your nose and perusing Facebook, perhaps you'd like to see a sketch from his new video project, Levels of Genius. Watch it this instant:

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